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I know how to do the truffle shuffle


: Cindy
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Location: Texas

List 5 movies or more
: Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Labyrinth, Legend, Lotr's Trilogy, Willow, Lost Boys
5 bands/musical artists or more: David Bowie, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Better Than Ezra, White Stripes, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Toadies
List 3 books and why you liked them: Red Dragon- At the time I liked reading things about criminology because my goal was to be in forensic investigation. The Shining- Scariest book I have ever in my entire life read, I still won't re-read it. The Lord Of the Rings Trilogy- The best work of fantasy fiction I have ever read in my life.
Food and drink: Fish and Chips with a bit of malt vinegar- Vanilla Dr Pepper from Sonic
Color: Red
Thing you own: I own a sword. And I own my husband.
Actress/Actor: Ewan Mcgregor, Kirsten Dunst
Animal: I love my teacup chihuahua.
Quote?: "Yeah. About a million things, but I can't express myself monosyllabically enough for you to understand it all." Brodie Mallrats

What do you and others like most about your personality?: The fact that I never take anything to seriously I am amazingly blithe.
What do you/others dislike?: I am bluntly honest at times, and sometimes feelings get hurt.
Describe yourself in 4 words: Wry, geek, eccentric, loving. 

 Hobbies: HAH.. free time... would be required for that. Writing and drawing.
Unique talent(s): I can read backwards faster than I can forward.
What is your prefered style of clothing?: I am a thrift shop girl.
Biggest pet peeve?: Overly perky dimwits.
Biggest insecurity?: My ears I try in all circumstances to cover them.
Your biggest secret?: I secretly wanted our bird to die one night and when I woke up the next morning its neck was caught in the cage broke. Haha. I swear I did NOT do it. But I felt so bad for wishing it, that I said nothing about my feelings of hate towards the bird.


*(please have detailed answers..back up what you think)*
What do you think about Animal Rights?: It's a bit black and white, I do believe that cruetly and torturing animals (PETS) is extremely wrong. But I do not oppose to eating certain animals. Ironic. Actually screw that I don't care either way. If you want to sit outside in the cold all day protesting a person skinning a skunk to make a coat, it doesn't bother me one bit. But if you start crap with me about eating a burger while you have on leather shoes I will bitch your ass straight out.
Teen pregnancy?: I was a mother at 19, it was a condom pill baby I was married also. So you can put up the whole "If you are going to have sex do it safely with protection" Yeah.. I am living proof that doesn't work. So unless you a prepared mentally to deal with the consequences that I promise could very likely arise. Then masturbate.
War?: Depends on the reason, if a war is caused for politcal reasons. No I don't think kindly of it. But if you bomb my country, I would hope that my country would bomb you back but with a bigger bomb. Peace is a dream that no one in this life time will achieve. I think all people should live their lives based on protection. Because there are people out to get you. Even if you are the nicest person in the world. Someone hates you.
Drugs?:Okay, well do what you want. Just don't be so stupid that you end up driving into someones child and killing them. If you are going to do drugs atleast do them in the privacy of your own basement.

Who do you admire the most?: My father. He was a very strong, well loved man.
What are your goals in life?: Move into a house of my own. Begin teaching High School in a few years. Get my kids out of the house so for once I can be a newly wed with no kids. Even if I am 50.
(This question doesnt reflect on your votes)-What is the "truffle shuffle"?: Chunk did this to get into Mikeys house on The Goonies. It is the shaking of fat on your stomach while making a squinchy face.
If you could change one thing physically about yourself what would it be?: My stretch marks, I could live without those bad boys.
Why do you think you're splendid?: Because I rock the tube socks, I have a deviant essence and I am intriguing you'll never get enough of my quirkiness.



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