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New and Applying^^


Name: Jay
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Location: UK

List 5 movies or more: Moulin Rouge, Beijing Rocks, Crouching Tiger, Not one less, Kill Bill
5 bands/musical artists or more: Nelly Furtado, Ayumi Hamasaki, The Brilliant Green, Tommy February6, Shiina Ringo, No Doubt.
List 3 books and why you liked them:
-"Tokyo station" I'm a sucker for those books which have romance, Samurai and beheading in them. Not to mention a geisha with a kick ass attitude!
-"The Go between" ahh, such a lovely book, what more can I say!
-"Lord of the Rings" I mean, this is the daddy of the fantasy genre, i mean, do I need to explain why!?
Food and drink: Indian, Spanish, Beer, Coke, Red wine
Color: Blue
Thing you own: My Celtic Ring from my parents, My Celtic cross also from my parents, my chinese pendant from my Grandparents, My Samurai Swords! *grins* lots of other things too^^
Actress/Actor: Nicole kidman, Ewan Mcgregor
Animal: Tiger
Quote?: “Be Good. Be Bad. Just Be.

What do you and others like most about your personality?: I’m Artistic, fun, I make friends easily, and *coughs* like to think i’m quite Clever^^
What do you/others dislike?: I’m over the top sometimes, can be bitchy.
Describe yourself in 4 words: Artistic, fun, crazy, friendly.
Hobbies: Karate, drawing, languages, JAPAN (getting the fanboy vibes yet^^) erm lots of other staff that I can’t really remember right now^^
Unique talent(s): Erm, well there not particularly unique but I’m one belt Hawai from a black in Karate, I can Draw. (I hope) and I’m pretty fluent in Spanish.
What is your prefered style of clothing?: casual when just around the house (tshirt, jeans etc) but when I go out I like to make an impression so quite snappy.
Biggest pet peeve?: Boring and annoying people. Small mindedness, rascism, sexism etc etc
Biggest insecurity?: Dunno, erm, I don’t really get too bothered about what people think of me in general.
Your biggest secret?: I can shake my boo-tay


*(please have detailed answers..back up what you think)*

What do you think about Animal Rights?: I don’t Belice that animals should be hunted by poachers, or that the should be used for cosmetic testing and unnessessary causes, but… I think that animals should be allowed for medical research- I don’t mean plastic surgery and shit but for stuff such as cancer and serious medical illnesses. Thats just my opinion.

Teen pregnancy?: I think that you just aren’t prepared for that kind of responsibility, mother and father alike. I’m fine with underage sex if you think you’re ready for it but I think that you aren’t ready for parent responsibilities and such when you’re a teen. I know I wouldn’t be.

War?: I think that if it is used as a last resort then yes I’m fine with it, but not for unnecessary reasons or to gain power over another country.

Drugs?: I’m not gonna preach but if we are talking about illegal drugs I think that you shouldn’t use them, but I know people do and that’s fine and its their fault if they become addicted- people know the risks now and know the effects it can have on your body.

If you need more elaborations, just ask and I'll be happy too^^

Who do you admire the most?: I have a lot of admiration for my family, and a helluva lot of admiration for Martin Luther King jnr, Mother Teresa, visionaries who can change the world and who try everyday to make the world a better place.

What are your goals in life?: My goals in life are to be happy, be kind to other people, be true to myself and to just be me. *spews at the corniness*

(This question doesnt reflect on your votes)-What is the "truffle shuffle"?: Well… it could be a dance, *tries it out* BWAHAHAHA!!! I can do the Truffle Shuffle” *looks around*

If you could change one thing physically about yourself what would it be?: BETTER SKIN!!!

Why do you think you're splendid?: Because I love to have tea parties?


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