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Name: Ashley
Age: 20
Location: elan, MI

List 5 movies or more: cruel intentions, harry potter, the italian job, any bond movie, bad boys 2, any star wars (yeah, i know, slightly nerdy, but whatevs)
5 bands/musical artists or more: brand new, yellowcard, eminem, big tymers, 311, bad boy bill, louie devito, matchbook romance
List 3 books and why you liked them: white oleander (just an amazing plot/theme...sweet as hell), drowning ruth (a 'wtf is goin on?' book), harry potter (little kid-like, but amazingly creative)
Food and drink: I LOVE ALL FOOD...water's my drink of choice
Color: RED
Thing you own: my shoes!
Actress/Actor: ashton kutcher...only cuz i'm going to marry him one day ^_^
Animal: giraffe
Quote?: "god forbid i enjoy sex and exude confidence" -cruel intentions

What do you and others like most about your personality?: very happy-go-lucky...nothing brings me down!
What do you/others dislike?: i can get annoying with my optimism...
Describe yourself in 4 words: adventurous, outgoing, confused, cyncial optismist
Hobbies: web design, reading, dancing, horseback riding, piano
Unique talent(s): my fingers are double jointed.
What is your prefered style of clothing?: anything that i feel like
Biggest pet peeve?: black pants and tennis shoes!
Biggest insecurity?: my stomach
Your biggest secret?: uh, its my biggest secret cuz the only person who knows is me.


*(please have detailed answers..back up what you think)*
What do you think about Animal Rights?: i'm all for a point. but we've all got to remember that they're JUST animals...i'm not all about beating your pet/livestock, but at the same time, you shouldn't just let them sit and rot wherever. that's just cruel.
Teen pregnancy?: eh...if they're old enough to screw around, then they're old enough to handle the consequences.
War?: pointless wars, like over a stupid bill or something like that, is just that...pointless. but wars for civil rights and against a big jerk whose all repressing his country...those wars are DEFINITELY needed.
Drugs?: as long as you don't get addicted and you're not hurting anybody, i think drugs are okay. but pregnant people and hardcore addicted people are just stupid.

Who do you admire the most?: my dad.
What are your goals in life?: become a doctor, raise a (semi)normal set of kids
(This question doesnt reflect on your votes)-What is the "truffle shuffle"?: i have no it something to do with chocolate?
If you could change one thing physically about yourself what would it be?: my stomach
Why do you think you're splendid?: i'm splendid because i'm the coolest damned person known to man...and because i'm occasionally cocky ^_^


i'm (obviously) the one in the red...i really don't have a lot of just me pics
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