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I know how to do the truffle shuffle

Name: Samantha
Age: 23
Sex: female
Location: Massachusetts

List 5 movies or more: Brokedown Palace, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, The Crow, LiLo and Stitch (yeah, I really like animated movies a lot <3
5 bands/musical artists or more: Pink Floyd, Tool, bone thugs n Harmony, 7 Mary 3, Nickleback
List 3 books and why you liked them: I dont really read books right now. I have a 15 month old daughter so I spend my time reading books to her.. mostly picture books with fuzzy zoo animals or sing along books. I do read parenting magazines too.
Food and drink: Diet Dr Pepper and chicken fajitas!
Color: red
Thing you own: my car
Actress/Actor: Johnny Depp and RAVEN (from that's so raven.. she's too f'ing cute ;-)
Animal: horses and cats
Quote?: none are coming to mind.. if i think of one, I'll come back.

What do you and others like most about your personality?: I'm not fake. I am very friendly and giving, if on my good side.
What do you/others dislike?: A lot of people dont like my honesty. I am incredibly honest and some people (that I know) have a hard time with that.
Describe yourself in 4 words: honest, funny, loving, quiet/shy
Hobbies: The internet- lj and gj. I also drive a lot too. I play DDR frequently also.
Unique talent(s): I used to twirl baton, but other than that, nothing. But twirling is fun and unique!
What is your prefered style of clothing?: I'm slowly evolving AWAY from 'raver' clothing, as I dont go to parties anymore. I do however wear the pants and occasionally breaded bracelets.. you can also catch me in 'girly' clothing as well from time to time.
Biggest pet peeve?: i cant stand people who dont wear their seatbelts. It really bothers me a lot.
Biggest insecurity?: my nose and my stomach
Your biggest secret?: i dont have one, everyone knows everything.


*(please have detailed answers..back up what you think)*
What do you think about Animal Rights?:
Dont hate me.. but I dont have an opinon about it.. I love animals, I dont want to see them hurt. That is all :-/
Teen pregnancy?: Teens who get pregnant on purpose while living at home with their parents, and depend on their parents to care for their child, is wrong. It bothers me a lot when I see it happen. I read pregnancy communities and many young girls go on about how they would love to have a cute little baby around- because it would be fun. Not all get pregnant on purpose of course, dont get me wrong. And I dont beleive in abortion unless it's from rape, so in my eyes, giving up the baby would be wrong. Though I wont talk down to someone who has gotten an abortion. It's their choice and really none of my business. 'm not sure if I answered this question right, sorry.
War?: As probably man have said, war is horrible. But here in the US, we wouldnt be sitting here free to do whatever we'd like, if others didnt give their lives for our freedom. it's a shame people have to die though. i hate death.
Drugs?: I went through my stage with them. I got pregnant with my daughter and since then I've never touched them. I dont care if others do it, but if they interfer with me or my daughter in any way, I am not happy.

Who do you admire the most?: This is going to sound weird, but I admire myself most. I've made it through a lot over the past couple years and I never thought I'd stay this strong. I admire my strength and maturity through most things. Though on the internet, I let most of my immaturity out.
What are your goals in life?: My goals in life are to make my daughter the happiest I can. i want to give her things i never had. I want to have more children so there will be someone for her when i am gone. Right now, my goal is moving to maine in 5 weeks and going to school this summer for medical billing. I dropped out of school (collegge) when I got pregnant and I'm looking forward to returning.
(This question doesnt reflect on your votes)-What is the "truffle shuffle"?: ahah that fat kid from that movie )movie name escaped my mind), and he was all shakin his big ol belly. Haha kinda looked like mine after I had my baby :-x
If you could change one thing physically about yourself what would it be?: I'd get a nose job and get lyposuction for my stomach.
Why do you think you're splendid?: Uh, I think I'm splendid? ;-) Well, honestly makes you stand out, so yeah.. maybe that's why?


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