The irish bastard everyone loves to hate (maroku) wrote in the_splendid,
The irish bastard everyone loves to hate

I know how to do the truffle shuffle

Name: matt
Age: 27
Sex: male
Location:</b> richmond VA

List 5 movies or more:: Underworld ,POTC ,Army of darkness, Inuyasha ,the one
5 bands/musical artists or more:: 311, evanescence, linkinpark, puddle of mudd, hoobastank, incubus, jason mraz
List 3 books and why you liked them::
Merlins book of magick and enchantment-cause i like the old tales of merlin
50 great ghost stories- cause i hav always been interested in the paranormal
green eggs and ham- Dr.suess.- cause i like sam i am
Food and drink:: chinese food and beer
Color:: blue
Thing you own:: honda civic
Actress/Actor:: bruce cambpell
Animal:: chinchilla

What do you and others like most about your personality?:: my sense of humor
What do you/others dislike?:: my temper
Describe yourself in 4 words::honest,loyal,cute, funny
Hobbies:: tending to my fish
Unique talent(s):: i am clairvoyant
What is your prefered style of clothing?:: prep/new age
Biggest pet peeve?:: lying
Biggest insecurity?:: attention
Your biggest secret?:: i used to be a coke addict.


*(please have detailed answers..back up what you think)*
What do you think about Animal Rights?: its needed. alot of animal are being harmed for the pursuit of pleasure and spot. like look at the chinchilla, the kill 150 of theses cute animals just to make a coat
Teen pregnancy?: that is an iffy views are that are if a teen is willing to get pregnant and have a baby (consenting sex), then they dont need to. They are not mature to handle all of the responsibilities.
War?: we have been fighting wars for centuries...all it is about is greed and conquest..and who has the bigger testicles
Drugs?: i think the US needs to crack down on all the drug trafficking, like EX, Coke, Crack, Herione, acid, by those drugs i have seen many friends die.....But not POt! pot is cool

Who do you admire the most?: my father
What are your goals in life?: to obtain happiness...and i am soooooooo close to that
(This question doesnt reflect on your votes)-What is the "truffle shuffle"?: when Chunk gets up and dances to enter the house at Mikey's

Why do you think you're splendid?:</b> cause i am a confident person


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